doorFor tax purposes an individual is normally regarded as being resident in Malta for a particular year if, in that year, his stay in Malta exceeds 183 days. Foreigners residing in Malta are not taxed on their worldwide income, but only on income earned or brought into Malta as funds to live on. Capital Gains earned on profit from the sale of an immovable property is also considered as taxable income. Foreign source capital gains are not taxed even if remitted to Malta. The applicable income tax rates are, however, the normal rates of income tax applicable to residents, which are as follows:

Married couples Single Rates
First € 11,900 - Nil
Next € 9,299 - 15%
Next € 7,499 - 25% 
Remainder over € 28,701 - 35%
First € 8,500 - Nil
Next € 5,999 -15%
Next € 4,999 -25%
Remainder over € 19,501 - 35%