Any person may take up residence in Malta by declaring his intention within three months of arrival in Malta. This is done by completing and submitting a specific form (EU or non-EU) at the Immigration Division at Police Headquarters in Floriana. Any individual applying would need to prove they have sufficient funds and means to live in Malta without being a burden on the country.

An individual may also become a resident of Malta by taking up employment in Malta. A foreigner who is not a citizen of the EU and EU citizens from Romania and Bulgaria would require employment permission, a work permit from the ETC, which would be applied for by his employer.


Malta became part of the Schengen Zone in 2007. Non-EU citizens may obtain the Uniform Residence Permit, issued on the basis of one being a permanent resident. In this case, it grants its holder the possibility to travel throughout the Schengen Zone without the requirement of a visa.

In order to apply for the Uniform Residency Permit, the applicant must have a place of residence in Malta.