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We hope you find in this website all the information you need to buy, rent or sell your property. Malta Property Agents are a group of experienced Real Estate Associates, trained in different sectors of the property market. Are you looking to purchase a home in Malta or Gozo, a traditional town house, villa, house of character or apartment, with a simple or luxury finish, in any of the towns or villages of the Maltese Islands? Or maybe you want to buy a sea front or luxury apartment in Sliema, St Julian’s or even Valletta? Our office, based in Balluta Bay, St Julian’s at Le Meridien Hotel and Spa, cater for all types of property transactions. We also have a large selection of property, Apartments and Villas to let for both, long or short term holiday rentals, business investments like offices, shops or restaurant leasing. Call us to discuss your property requirements today.
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Conditions For Application To Benefit From The New Global Residence Scheme

2EU nationals, nationals of the European Economic Area and Swiss nationals

With effect from the begining of July 2013, European Union nationals, those from the European Economic Area and Swiss nationals who are eligible have the right to pay tax at a beneficial rate of 15% on foreign source income (with the possibility to claim double taxation relief), subject to a minimum payment of €15,000 per annum, plus an additional minimum tax of €2,500 per dependent.

The permanent resident, who must be a non-Maltese domiciliary and be in possession of a health insurance along with stable, regular resources, must own a property worth €275,000 or rent a property for €9,600 per annum. 

The qualifying property must not be a shared property, and the HNWI must pass a fit and proper test through an international due diligence exercise processed by an Authorised and Registered Professional. There is an application fee.

Permanent residents must retain their qualifying property, their health insurance and stable resources. Although they must reside in Malta for a minimum of 90 days a year they cannot become Maltese domiciles and cannot live in any other country for more than 183 days a year (so as not to become tax residents there).

HNWI Residents will now be able to work or operate a business in Malta. Income earned from such activity is charged at 35%. 

Applications for HNWI Residency are normally processed in three months. The minimum amount of tax shall be payable within thirty days of approval of the application and shall be credited against the tax due for the first year of residence. The holder of a permit must take up residence within 12 months from the issue of the said permit.  

Under the new regulations, residents will now be able to work or operate a business in Malta, whereby income derived from such activity is charged at 35%.

  EU Nationals Non-EU Nationals
Property Qualifications Purchase €275,000
Rental €9,600 p.a.
Purchase €275,000
Rental €9,600 p.a.
Taxation Preferential rate of 15% Preferential rate of 15%
Minimum Tax €15,000 p.a. +
€2,500 p.a. for each dependant
€15,000 p.a. +
€5,000 p.a. for each dependant
Physical Residence Must reside for min of 90 days.
Must not stay in any other jurisdiction for more than 183 days.
Must reside for min of 90 days.
Must not stay in any other jurisdiction for more than 183 days.
Health Insurance Applicable Applicable
Fees for Application €6,000 €6,000
Long term - Residency N/A Obtain and regularly renew visa or enter into a qualifying contract.

Malta Property Agents specialize in the following types of property available for rent and for sale in Malta and Gozo. We offer converted and unconverted farmhouses, houses of character and town houses, furnished or unfurnished apartments, some with terraces and views. Villas with swimming pool, small or large gardens. Our selection of villas and apartments for rent are always updated. We offer furnished and unfurnished property for short holiday lets and long lets. We have a complete selection of fine homes in Malta and Gozo for sale and for rent.

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