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We hope you find in this website all the information you need to buy, rent or sell your property. Malta Property Agents are a group of experienced Real Estate Associates, trained in different sectors of the property market. Are you looking to purchase a home in Malta or Gozo, a traditional town house, villa, house of character or apartment, with a simple or luxury finish, in any of the towns or villages of the Maltese Islands? Or maybe you want to buy a sea front or luxury apartment in Sliema, St Julian’s or even Valletta? Our office, based in Balluta Bay, St Julian’s at Le Meridien Hotel and Spa, cater for all types of property transactions. We also have a large selection of property, Apartments and Villas to let for both, long or short term holiday rentals, business investments like offices, shops or restaurant leasing. Call us to discuss your property requirements today.
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The Locals

The Maltese people are curious and peace loving people, with a strong sense of hospitality. The national language is Maltese, however English is also an official language and is widely spoken. The Maltese language sounds rather rough to the visitor. Do not be alarmed, what might seem to be a vociferous argument to the untrained ear is only a lively exchange of opinion and always ends with a friendly pint of the local inexpensive and excellent beer at the local Tavern!

The local food is equally based on fish and meat specialities, the fruit and vegetables taste wonderful and much of it is locally grown. Once in Malta, one has to try the local pastries, a delicacy to some, and knows as ‘pastizzi’.

The country enjoys political stability and is a full member of the European Union. The current population stands at around 400,000.

Malta Property Agents specialize in the following types of property available for rent and for sale in Malta and Gozo. We offer converted and unconverted farmhouses, houses of character and town houses, furnished or unfurnished apartments, some with terraces and views. Villas with swimming pool, small or large gardens. Our selection of villas and apartments for rent are always updated. We offer furnished and unfurnished property for short holiday lets and long lets. We have a complete selection of fine homes in Malta and Gozo for sale and for rent.

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